There are certain things that I do not tolerate. One of these things is generalizing people. Yes, we all have the urge to generalize, but we must fight it. Why? Well, we have to fight it because if we do not, we regress in thought processes. With all the political nonsense at this time, we have to remember that people are people. We have to remember that whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, etc., it doesn’t matter! We all have our own opinions and views on things and what one person of the same party believes may not be what the other does. It’s so asinine to lump everyone into one generalized group. I recently (very recently) got into it with an ex-friend (not my choice) who completely grouped everyone together. I explained to her – nicely – that generalizing people is neither correct, nor intelligent. She kept coming at me about how then no one should generalize her and her people then. Fair point, however, fighting fire with fire doesn’t work and nobody wins. Needless to say, she didn’t like that I am a stickler for not generalizing and all and apparently, we are no longer friends. That’s okay. We all make choices in our life, and for her, being right was more important than being my friend.